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Social Media

Many times my social media was targeted by haters which often resulted in censorship and unjustifiable sanctions from the service providers. As a defensive measure I'm diversifying all my online activities over a variety of hosting services which I hope to integrate via these pages. Here is my post on OneWay, a new blog platform that focuses primarily on free speech.

As most days, I went for a swim on Saturday. 2 middle aged women with telephoto lenses were taking pictures of me both from close up and while I was in the sea.

It was so blatant as to feel a bit creepy, so I asked in friendly way if they could e-mail a picture to me as I had none of myself in the sea.

As expected I did not hear from them, but given the harassment I get from total strangers, and their evident intent, how would you have reacted in my situation?

Opinion poll here — (@angelica)

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