Hall of shame

terfThis list was compiled by Fighting For Females

1Л с большой буквы, хилю рейды в коммерческих нормалах, воздерживаюсь от наркотиков, фэнтези-дебилка, психологиня. (ИЛИ/ЛЭВФ)

Bad feminist, even worse socialist. Pananimal; maps; dismantling the imperialist, white-supremacist, heteronormative, capitalist patriarchy; gardening ?

I love dogs, dreads, tattoos, books, tarot and all things witchcraft. All thoughts are my own and I think a lot... you've been warned.

Modern Man.

Touching a woman without her consent doesn’t make you a man. It makes you a coward. - Rosalie Haynes

Love animals, still think responsible hunting is okay. Support farmers and ranchers, not Trump. Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. Uterus is tremendous

I believe in true freedom, equality, peace, truth. I have eosinophilic esophagitis.

Lesbian. Feminist. Mom. Wife. Sister. Closeting ADHD. OFAB GNC transwomyn. I support non-discriminatory workplaces. ????? #resist


I yam what i yam an that's all i yam *Me too*

Womanist, Lesbian, Feminist.

Living my life. Sometimes making snyde remarks. Dworkinite. Don't call me 'cis'.

Radical Lesbian, PERF, Armchair Activist, Pagan, Tree hugger and proud. Over 50, over weight and ageing disgracefully.✊♀️


Français/English. Centre-droit - PCQ peut-être - PQ? Arrêtez les conneries commies et p-e... CAQ=Lib. Copy/Repost=ok #MQGA #MAGA #FreeSpeech? ROC=Rest Of Canada

woman (adult human FEMALE), early 20’s, not 'cis', based in reality, "rudefem", gender crit, medical field, United States, RECLAIMING MERMAIDS.

Lawyer. Scientist. Artist. Cat enthusiast. Book fiend. INTJ. Won't feed trolls (some exceptions apply). #persist #resist ?￰゚ヌᆭ?￰゚ヌᄆ??⚖️??￯ᄌマ

the actual #QueenofCups ♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀ #XX #XX #XX #XX #XX

Me Gusta: conversations concerning race, Islam, trans, 3rd wave feminism.

Radical feminist. My concern is for women and girls, not your male feelings. Femininity does not equal female.


Lesbian feminist. Gender was never an accident. It's a tool to oppress women based on biological sex. I'm here for women's liberation, nothing less.